The MVP Reopening - MVP Dublin

The MVP Reopening




Howaye folks, just wanted to give you a lil update on the ‘final reopening’ of MVP (let’s hope this is the last one ay) So while we are closed, we’ve been thinking of ways to improve MVP… so check out what we’ve got in the makes;

  1. We’ll be opening 7 days a week again for sit-ins, bookings & takeaway
  2. We’ll be adding a lil something EXTRA to the food menu this time round…a long lost cousin of Spudbox… PIZZABOX
  3. There’ll be pizza & pint deals along with Spudbox of course
  4. Every Sunday will now be free Spudbox & Pizzabox Day for all dog owners
  5. Speaking of dogs – we’re designing a whole designated dogs area with cushions, blankets, water bowls & toys but we’ll keep the Scooby snacks behind the bar just incase.
  6. In regards to Events & Music, if the restrictions ease we’ll be bringing back our all time faves : Damai Soundsystem, Hot Dots, Ukulele Sessions & The Bodhran Club & More

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