Doggy Date Night - Feb 3rd - MVP Dublin

Doggy Date Night – Feb 3rd

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MVP’s new online doggy based series

The first of our series is ‘Doggy Date Night’ 



  • – Number 1 DOG-LOVING STATE: California aka DOGGY PARADISE
  • – 20% of women & men would rather take their pets out on a romantic day than their partners (we feel that yep)
  • – This day is also shared with Golden Retriever Day – fairly new, only started in 2012
  • – The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the US
  • – Golden Retrievers’ fur darkens as they age
  • – Golden Retrievers are one of the easiest dog breeds to train


Spend a little extra time with the little ones, go beyond the standard walks and cuddles and make an event of it to make your pooch feel special.

  • – Play fetch or frisbee
  • – Bring to the beach or on a hike
  • – Dish them up something lovely
  • – Buy them their favourite treats
  • – Give them lots of hugs & kisses and tell them you love them

Send us any pictures of your special day and we’ll post on our socials x @mvpdublin