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What’s Greentonic you ask? It’s an extension of Bodytonic which focuses on all aspects of being green/reducing waste/energy efficient/environmentally friendly. We want to reduce our waste, remove single use plastic, be environmentally friendly and overall try to make the world (or our gaff for now) a better place. We got rid of plastic straws and single use plastic cups. We’ve got reusable plastic cups and metal straws for our events, which not only look the business but reduce our plastic waste. We’ve also banned takeaway coffee cups in the office – Keep Cups all round’ baby. We’re also learning day by day, getting things wrong, making mistakes, and trying to make things right. If you have any ideas or see us doing silly things we can easily improve on, please let us know, we’re open to learning and doing as much as we can –


MVP Initiatives:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; as some of you may have noticed, MVP hasn’t stocked plastic straws in a while now. This is deliberate; we’re trying to cut down on our single-use wastage. We also dehydrate many of our fruits for garnishes – lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, strawberries… this reduces our fruit waste (and they still taste and look amazing!)

Bin it to Win it

Every year, at some point the sun starts shining in Dublin, and those crispy canal cans start calling like an addiction you just can’t disregard. Sunshine + Irish people = one of the great miracles of the world. But every year our canal gets destroyed and we’re looking for a way to help solve this problem.

In 2018 we decided to put our #Greentonic hats on and come up with a solution. We  invented the BIN IT TO WIN IT campaign.


How it Works

1) Call into the MVP and grab a #BinittoWinit bag from one of the bar staff. Head to the canal and have your cans.

2) Put said cans into your #BinittoWinit bag – PLASTIC BOTTLES & CANS ONLY please, so we can ensure everything in the bag gets waste managed efficiently.

3) When the sun sets and you’re heading on your way, bring the #BinittoWinit bag full of the cans & plastic bottles you’ve cleaned up from the canal back to MVP inside the bar. We’ll then give you a free beer token to use at the bar.

4) Tell your mates! Everyone wins from Bin it, to win it.


A new project Bodytonic are working on… Our goal here is to start growing our own fresh fruits, herbs, flowers and veg that’ll one day lead to us owning a unit in Eatyard to sell all the good ol produce that we’ve harvested ourselves. So far, Eatyard has provided all our Bodytonic bars including MVP with fresh mint for our Mojitos and jug waters. The finer details can be found on the Eatyard site over here


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