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Booking FAQ

Got a question about booking in? We’ve got answers!


– Can we book out an area privately?

Yes indeed! We have our lovely Upstairs area with a bar, projector and full soundsystem that can be rented out privately. You can check which dates are free by clicking HERE 0r alternatively shoot us an email with your enquiry and dates.

– What’s the capacity of the Upstairs?

The capacity is roughly 100 people both seated and standing.

– Is there a minimum number of people required to reserve the Upstairs?

We don’t have a minimum group number, however, if there’s less than 40 people we can also just reserve a couple booths for you free of charge. Please note though that if you’re not booking the space exclusively we don’t offer use of the soundsystem or projector etc, and there may be other bookings in the area with you.

– Is there a full bar upstairs?

Our upstairs bar is a little smaller than our main bar space, so we don’t offer our full cocktail menu upstairs – however, we have a great selection of beers, wines and spirits plus soft drinks & our non-alcoholic menu.

– What is the cost of booking the Upstairs privately?

We charge a rental fee of €150 to rent the Upstairs exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays. We have a reduced midweek rate of €100 Sunday-Thursday.

-Do you offer drinks packages / can we bring our own drink?

We don’t allow BYOB under any circumstances as we offer a full selection of drinks here. We’ve got a couple of drinks packages though! See below for a sample package; if you’re looking for something a little different, let us know and we’ll sort it for ya.

– Can we bring a DJ/host an event?

If you’re booking out the room, there’s no issue with holding an event or bringing in DJs. Our tech specs for equipment on-site are below for you music geeks – you can also bring your own equipment if you’d prefer.

– Any rules/regulations?

Just the standard, nothing mad; no confetti/tiny glittery bits (for the staff’s sake during cleanup!), if you’re putting up decorations please use blutack instead of sellotape, no BYOB, and if you look young ‘n sprightly please bring ID!

– Are children/under 18s allowed in?

Yes, no problem with children or teenagers under 18 coming in so long as they leave by 8pm.

– Can I book the entire venue for my party?

We do offer full-venue hire but the rental fee will be higher and there may be certain dates that we can’t offer this option – if you’re interested in this, shoot us an email and we’ll see if we can accommodate you!

– Is there a smoking area?

We don’t have a smoking area unfortunately.

– Can we bring a cake?

Absolutely! We love cake at MVP (hint hint).

– What time can we access the venue to start setting up?

We open at 4pm every day so anytime from 4pm is no problem! Unfortunately, we cannot give access to the venue earlier than 4pm.



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