DJ of the month – DJ Discomedusa – MVP Dublin

DJ of the month – DJ Discomedusa

DJ Discomedusa

We’ve decided to write a monthly blog about our fav DJs at the moment. Once a month we’ll write up a little blog in appreciation of the tunes.

First up is Hayley Connolly AKA DJ Discomedusa. Hayley plays with us monthly and her passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Her tunes are even better and she fills the room with her own unique vibe fitting right in to MVP. We love having her in. We asked her a few questions so take a lil read:

When & how did you start playing music?
I started playing drums on my brothers kit when he wasn’t home, I always loved the pulse and rhythm. I use to spend hours making mixtapes on our sound system from other tapes/CDs – then I’d choreograph some moves and invite the whole house (whoever was over) to endure my dance moves along with whatever track Id chosen – I was QUEEN CRAYZY! I remember doing a very vulgar one to Bicycles Race, that was funny!

First gig you ever played was where? Did you play a blinder or did you wing it?
Oh jesus! I remember my first gig was a 20 minute slot in East Side Tavern – or whatever it was before that! I had a sparse number of 5 records. I was into scratching (not that I could then, or now! But that was the idea). Sampling textural bits and pieces from my dad’s collection, so I went for it! I mixed Klaus Nomi into KRS One, then into Pavarotti and finished with a late 70’s Swedish electronic sax solo…probably a little experimental for the crowd.

What’s it like being a female DJ in Ireland? Is it difficult to get gigs or is it equal do you think?
I don’t think its harder to get a gig, you just need to push and stick yourself out there. Get a few mixes up on a platform, introduce yourself and if your passionate about music I can’t see why a male would get a gig before a female. If your selection is arousing then you get the gig I guess. What I do find is that guys seems to stick together with their ‘DUDE COLLECTIVE’ vibe which allows them to get more visibility. I wanna get a CHICK COLLECTIVE vibe going – then there’s equality! If there is inequality, fix it with your Girlo-Power Pow… that’s my motto.

Best sound system/venue you’ve played?
I’d say Hang Dai or The Big Romance. People are grooving, you have interaction with the crowd, you don’t walk away from the night deaf which is a huge factor on how I’d judge a good system. I really enjoy MVP downstairs, it’s humble, evenly distributed and suits the space, and you don’t need a monitor which I actually find really enjoyable – I know what I hear is what everyone else is hearing. Also you gotta keep in mind, I don’t play EDM or techno – I play Funk, Soul, Disco, Afro, Hip Hop, Jazz, Psychedelic… mainly 60’s – 80’s. So I like more speakers evenly distributed to create a warm environment rather than a massive PA to blow the bollix out of everyone.

Fav type of beverage be it alcoholic or not?

Where is the dream venue you want to play?
A Loft party in NCY.

Biggest influence in music & how’d you find them?
“The Art Of Noise”, diggin in Barcelona.

What’s your desert island disc & why? Also which island if you had a choice?
One of them little green wet ones; Cruit Island, Kincasslagh, Co Donegal. “In A Silent Way” by Miles Davis. It’s minimal but yet stimulating. I love the production on it too, which would help if I’m going to listen to it for the rest of my life. It was made for loners!

Top three points of advice for people starting out be it female or male as a DJ…
Know your collection!
Be careful of quality on downloads if you’re a digital bub.
If your collecting records – hit the crates regularity and buy little but often.
Experiment throughout genres – don’t get stuck on commercial hits just because people can sing it! Please…for everyone’s sake.
Explore and prepare to experiment with the crowd, don’t be scared to introduce new sounds, that’s your job!
Read record covers and listen to the radio.
Research record labels.
Play what you love and strive for quality no matter what genre.

What you working on at the moment? Or when’s your next gig? #shoutout
Big gig coming up this Sunday 21st April for Antibalas in The Sugar Club. So it will be Afrodelish all night long with Lex Woo and TWok – all vinyl ere!! EVENT LINK

Also I got my monthly gig coming up in MVP on Friday the 26th of April
– always a great vibe <3 <3 <3 Dog friendly spots make my day in the city! Yes, we have had dancing dogs.

I direct and manage Masterlabs Records. Im putting together a few compilations with only Irish Artists – 3 part series on 12″ LP’s. I’m the cutting engineer out in Masterlabs post production studio for vinyl production. I adore my job and I’ll cut these master discs with all the love and more than you can imagine!

I want to showcase the talent of the Irish music scene from an eclectic point of view. I know that the market which vinyl interests enjoy quality, honest tone and curious movements, which I will provide. It’s coming together nicely!

I’m working on a few things at the moment – can’t really put them into words they’re more feelings right now. I like to write…

Anything you wanna add for the lols?
I think we are too screeny these days. I want more human interaction! LET US MEET IN FLESH AND BOOGIE. That’s the future right there.

Follow Hayley on:

FB: @discomedusaisabignerd || Instagram: @dj_discomedusa

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