August lgbtq+ Book Club; Gracefully Grayson – MVP Dublin

August lgbtq+ Book Club; Gracefully Grayson


August lgbtq+ Book Club; Gracefully Grayson

We love a good page turner here at MVP, and we thought why can’t we enjoy our two favourite things together? Cocktails & Books, sure who doesn’t love em’?!

Weather you’re an avid reader or just looking to get back into it the casual read, we’ve picked a selection of easy going LGBTQ+ books for us all to enjoy together.

The aim of the LGBTQ+ Book Club is to meet once a month and discuss various themes within the book, whilst enjoying a a themed cocktail on the evening – simples!

All you have to do is grab a copy of the book, this months pick is Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polinsky, and rsvp to the doc below to let us know you’re coming – and the cocktail is on us.


About the Book

Gracefully Grayson is a story about a 12-year-old boy that has, for as long as he can remember, grappled with an internal battle that is enough to shatter anyone’s world: he believes he was born in the wrong body, and he was meant to be a girl. But this identity has been suppressed because of the death of his parents at age 4, his living with his dad’s brother, wife, and family and his isolation at school, which he has self-constructed since the second grade. Grayson begins to come out of his shell when he befriends the new girl, which inspires him to have the confidence to try out for the school’s play, “The Myth of Persephone.” It is during these auditions that he makes a decision that will, as the reader discovers, set him on a path that will change his life.




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